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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Dec 22, 2022

In this week’s QFF episode, Michael interviews Hamish McKenzie, co-founder of McKenzie Pitch Partners. He’s based in Toronto, Canada, however, Hamish’s a proud Aussie from Tasmania. He studied accounting at a university, then went into corporate banking. Gathering experience and wisdom, paving the way to what he is now, a sought-after pitch consultant.

As Hamish defines it, pitching is the effort to win a piece of business. It is the final nail in the coffin to entice investors. This is why it’s critical to understand and to be efficient with what you’re pitching; Hamish McKenzie specializes in this field. He helps small-medium business owners develop and refine their pitching and presentation skills.

As Hamish quotes what famous American William Edwards Deming says, “If you can’t describe what you do, as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” Very well said.

This Cast Covers:

  • The concept of pitching.
  • Who is Hamish McKenzie?
  • How Michael and Hamish knew each other.
  • Hamish’s career before becoming a renowned pitch consultant.
  • How the term pitch should be defined.
  • The real reason behind people buying things.
  • Involvement of psychology in pitching.
  • The importance of initiating a relationship before pitching.
  • Criticalness of small-medium business owners' understanding of what they’re pitching.
  • Listening attentively to clients.


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“We define pitch as the effort that goes into winning a piece of business.” — Hamish McKenzie.

“People buy things for two reasons, the right reason and the real reason … But the real reason is emotional.” — Hamish McKenzie.

“Discipline is more important than talent.” — Hamish McKenzie.

“As famous American William Edwards Deming says, ‘If you can't describe what you do, as a process, you don't know what you're doing.’” — Hamish McKenzie.

“The more you listen, the more you get to understand the client, and the more you're going to be able to develop a solution.” — Hamish McKenzie.



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