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Grow A Small Business Podcast

May 25, 2023

In today’s Quick Fire Friday episode, Rob interviews Rachael Evans, the Founder & CEO of the Workshop Whisperer. She is a world-leading visionary business pioneer, speaker, author, and advisor. Rachael started her marketing and sales career at an early age. She has grown her own multi-dollar companies in male-dominated global industries. Driven by her passion and desire of helping others, Rachael is now helping auto repair shop owners across Australia and New Zealand to achieve business and lifestyle success.

After the Global Financial Crisis, Rachael saw a gap in the market. She then identified a need for coaching in the auto repair shop industry. And with her marketing and business growth, tactics, and strategies she had acquired and developed from her own experience and previous business, along with her skills in creating online programs, she developed a unique online training program that helps auto repair shop owners in terms of cash flow management, productivity, efficiency, and leadership problems. Rachael helps them improve the financial reward, but also the lifestyle reward by coaching, changing money habits, setting up new systems, generating additional profits and savings, and providing practical real-life examples through peer groups. 

A key takeaway that Rachael recommends to all business owners is to implement a four-day workweek. The need for space for business owners and employees to relax and to restore and achieve work-life balance has numerous benefits in terms of productivity. Burnout is prevalent, thus, having the space to relax and enjoy life the way we want it to be can cause a healthier, happier, and more communicative workforce. 

This Cast Covers: 

  • The “pain points” are why auto repair shop owners struggle to become great business owners.
  • Benefits of choosing a specialist business coach rather than a generalist business coach.
  • Developed a “world-class curriculum” -the solution to the problems of auto repair shop owners.
  • Discuss how poor leadership can be a bottleneck to business growth and development.
  • Asserted that problems revolving around the auto repair shop industry are more on internal rather than external.
  • Improving the four major areas in the auto repair shop industry can ensure success.
  • The reinforcement of a solution that has quick results, attracts business owners.
  • Learning from real-life examples rather than sticking to old systems can be a great source of profits.
  • Reasons why business owners should implement a four-day workweek.
  • Three benefits in making space for the employer, team, and overall business.


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“It is vital that if you're going to invest good money in a coach, they understand your industry intimately because they've walked in your shoes at some point in their own business”. —Rachael Evans

“Marketing problem is rarely the actual issue, it is the productivity, efficiency, and leadership problem.” —Rachael Evans

“We just need to be biting off one small piece of the elephant at a time, not trying to do something for three years down the track.” —Rachael Evans

“As business owners, you need space to relax, to restore, and also to be able to think for the business instead of just all of that below-the-line stuff every day.” —Rachael Evans

“We want a life for ourselves and for the people who actually devote an enormous part of their life to working for us.”—Rachael Evans