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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Dec 25, 2022

In this episode, Troy interviews Jye Smith, founder of DOUBLE STAR CO. He’s based in Sydney, Australia. Jye has a background in communications and was working as a PwC for less than 18 months, and currently the president of Vibewire, a non-profit org.

Acting on his realization to build his own advertising agency thinking he could do it better himself. Jye Smith founded DOUBLE STAR CO, a unique brand and design agency, that gives brands a voice, a style, and an identity. Earning over $1.2 million last year with 7 FTEs, an increase of 66% in growth, and 20% in margin. 

As per Jye, building a sustainable and kickass culture to help grow the business is understanding how to assemble your team. Meditating on what is needed to kickstart the team such as understanding each other’s communication styles. To gain the desired result for your business. 

This Cast Covers:

  • The identity of Jye Smith.
  • Having experience working in a progressive accounting firm.
  • How Troy and Jye knew each other.
  • Key numbers that illustrate DOUBLESTAR CO’s growth.
  • Focusing more on improving margins, rather than growing the top line and team.
  • What foundation should culture be built on.
  • The importance of autonomy in a business especially in your staff.
  • Adapting to the ever-changing standard of a fast-growing business.
  • Hiring people who think like you.
  • Understanding how to assemble your team together. 


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“If you can't see your way out, then the best thing you can always do is to ask for advice.” — Jye Smith.

“But the worst thing they can do is not think about things themselves.” — Jye Smith.

“Try to work out where you want to be in six months and think about what you can do today to make sure that happens.” — Jye Smith.

“Don't get caught up in being reactive. Don't be caught up in being emotional.” — Jye Smith.

“Help everyone understand communication styles because everyone reads things wrong these days.” — Jye Smith.



Music from “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod
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