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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Sep 19, 2023

Exciting opportunity for small to medium business owners employing 5-30 team members. Are you ready to learn, grow, and invest in your ongoing development? Don't miss out on our latest podcast featuring a special guest who shares invaluable insights for business success.

In this episode, Troy asked Jake Rosenberg, the founder of Krete based in Los Angeles, United States, the final five questions:

  1. What do you think is the most challenging part of growing a small business? Jake places a lot of stress on the value of giving up a lot of things in life, which may include many forms of security, including financial security. He further stated that it was advantageous to be single, childless, and pet-free. To reduce monetary risk, he actively invests in Krete and forgoes his salary.

  2. Jake’s favorite business book is $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi. It merely contextualized his offerings and deals and contained some information to inform readers about how to get them fired up about what you're doing. However, he emphasizes the relevance of Lean Startup, one of the most significant aspects of delivering agile development, as well as the importance of seeing a lot of his short-term material on YouTube, Instagram, and brief talks.

  3. Regarding professional development, Jake finds great value in audiobooks because, to him, they're like a million podcasts condensed into one thing. So, there's a lot of this audible, when his exercising at 2x speed, he can pause it and write some notes. And that's the main thing. And you can be pretty fine, pretty good books about whatever subject you need.

  4. Jake says that keeping things organized is a beneficial tool for small business growth, and Trello and Pivotal Tracker project organization is huge. They'll complete the five-value task quickly before moving on to the next task. Simply put, when you have things well organized, you can make better decisions when you're in charge. Trello is a wonderful project management tool, in his opinion and Pivotal Tracker is a superb tool. 

  5. Jake wishes he had created more products sooner, but he didn't because he wanted to see what they could do with two products, which is an agile approach. If Jake could go back to the first day of starting out, he would advise himself to Have fun and not be as afraid of new products and inventory.

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“You have to be very disciplined. So you're not just making yourself feel good with authority, but you're actually executing with results.” —Jake Rosenberg

“Success is being accountable for your actions, and making sure you're contributing.” —Jake Rosenberg

“Avoid things that are just money pits, that will just set your money on fire.” —Jake Rosenberg

“Learn how to hire amazing people who I trust and don't have to micromanage.” —Jake Rosenberg

“Learn at least a minimum amount about everything in your company.” —Jake Rosenberg