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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Dec 22, 2021

In this episode, I interview Chris Ronzio, the Founder and CEO of Trainual based in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States. Trainual is the training manual for modern businesses, making it easy for growing teams to get up to speed to build a scalable business. Trainual is a better way to organize and track the progress of a growing business.

As young as 14, Chris started his first business which was a video production company. He sold it after 13 years and started something else which was a consulting firm where he began to work with small businesses and that was when he realized that every small growing company needs a playbook. That’s the time he turned his idea and founded Trainual in 2017. He has grown the company in just four years, from a team of 4 to 87, revenue range of $10-$20 million from $100,000 in the first year, and with the latest net promoter score of 68.

Since Chris started so young in the business, he had learned how to handle balance. He said, “I think the way that I handle balance is to start with the most important things and then let work fill in the gaps.” He also mentioned that having a time listening to people’s feedback and taking action helps prevent future problems.

This Cast Covers: 


  • A software as a service company where people pay a subscription fee, to use the software to document all of the policies, processes, stories, and knowledge about their business.
  • Training employees to get everyone up to speed for them to be fully productive in the company they are working for.
  • The training manual for modern businesses, making it easy for the growing teams to build a more scalable business.
  • Helping business owners, team leaders, hiring and training managers centralize knowledge, organize processes, and create learning systems.
  • Keeping clients’ business afloat through systems that make their business on speed and up to date.
  • Learning that training processes and standard operating procedures are things that every entrepreneur that's growing a business aspired to do.
  • Got $100,000 in revenue in the first year and to this year about $10-$20 million range in just four years.
  • The software as a service company has the latest net promoter score of 68 in four years.
  • The importance of extreme communication to address problems and suggest a strategy to deal with them.
  • How the habit of consistency brings an individual toward his/her established goal and purpose.



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Always make sure that the company can be profitable at any time.” —Chris Ronzio

“If you don't pay attention to where you're trying to go, you can end up getting pulled in a lot of directions.” —Chris Ronzio

“The habit of being consistent should be developed and maintained.” —Chris Ronzio

“What builds a strong culture is when you're open to feedback and when you take action based on the things that people are saying.” —Chris Ronzio

“Start with the most important things and then let work fill in the gaps.” —Chris Ronzio


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