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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Dec 15, 2021

In this episode, I interview Rex Afrasiabi, a principal and the founder of MA Legal, a Melbourne-based law firm consisting of a team of experts who assist and help clients through various legal services and consultations whether it be in the form of creative resolution, strategic business structuring or asset protection. Rex is also a co-host of the business advisory show called Real Estate Renovators.

The law firm was established in 2007 and is still running for over 14 years now. Rex started his career working for various law firms and shifted to work in the fashion industry. He later left the fashion world and established MA Legal and has grown revenue from 0 to $100 million with 20 full-time lawyers.

Rex finds success by helping clients and advising them each step of the way on their individual journeys. His purpose is to help people and to learn and continually grow. This is why he’s always motivated to step closer to the goals established by his clients. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Helping clients as being their advisors in business and in life.
  • Supporting their clients, standing loyal to them, and advising them each step in reaching their individual goals.
  • Providing legal counsel to clients upon starting their own business that assists them in moving forwards.
  • Representing some of Australia’s real estate tycoons, developers, and businesses and sharing clients’ successes in the industry.
  • A firm comprising a commercial, business advisory, and civil litigation division and a private client division.
  • Creating a team of experts who are strategic problem solvers to achieve commercially viable results.
  • Involved in multi-businesses such as private lending, consulting, law firm, and also a co-host of Real Estate Renovators.
  • Obtained a $100 million revenue and a total of 20 lawyers in 14 years.
  • Learning the importance of leading by example to grow people as well as the business itself.
  • The importance of implementation and execution of plans for progress and growth. 

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“If you do the right thing if you're honest to your clients, and you don't take advantage, then you’ll always do well.” —Rex Afrasiabi

“Be consistent, have a clear message and a clear focus on what your business is, and get the right team around you.” —Rex Afrasiabi

“If you have a plan and have a strategy to do it, you can achieve so much more.” —Rex Afrasiabi

“Lead by example.” —Rex Afrasiabi

“Be strategic, have a clear goal, and revisit that goal as frequently as possible.” —Rex Afrasiabi


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