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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Sep 19, 2021

In this episode, I interview Mariae Leckie, the Interim CEO, and Senior Consultant of The Project Lab, a consulting and advisory firm based in Hobart, Tasmania. They are experts on cyber security and they work with small to large organizations to ensure the safety and security of their assets. Mariae Leckie was also the former CEO of Crime Stoppers Tasmania.

Together with the team, they help their clients build and grow; understand; and change their organizations to ensure their high-performing businesses and keep their sustainability. Managing outsourced business processes and cyber risk is services they offer to their clients. These services not only avoid cybercrime but mainly for the growth and success of the organizations.

Marie Leckie says that the hardest thing when it comes to cyber security for small businesses is the low level of digital literacy. It is for this reason that people don't quite know where to start or who to ask. Small businesses are the most frequent targets of cyber-attacks so it is a must for them to practice good basic cyber hygiene. 

This Cast Covers: 


  • A consulting and advisory firm experts on cyber security.
  • Services are based on management consulting principles.
  • Helping clients build and grow; understand; and change their organizations to ensure their high-performing business.
  • Helping people perform at their best.
  • Managing outsourced business processes.
  • Delivering the change essential for the growth of their client’s business.
  • The importance of cyber security when growing a small business.
  • How cyber security manages cyber risk to businesses by shutting digital doors to cyber-attacks or online criminals.
  • Delivering projects that bring a meaningful impact to every entrepreneur.
  • How setting one’s self for success influences the progress of their career and business. 




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“Small businesses should practice good basic cyber hygiene.” —Mariae Leckie 

“Be careful what you put in your social media, don’t ever put your real personal information.” —Mariae Leckie 

“Set yourself up for success.” —Mariae Leckie

“Look for your business at 360 degrees and make sure it is safe and secure.” —Mariae Leckie

“Don’t lose your good ideas and don’t lose your reputation.” —Mariae Leckie


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