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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Sep 15, 2021

In this episode, I interview Simon Davies, the Founder, and CEO of Bastion Brands, a Melbourne-based healthcare marketing agency specializing in health marketing, advertising, and medical communications. They work with pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, and consumer health businesses. Simon is passionate about innovating and pioneering the healthcare marketing space by encouraging the adoption of new techniques combined with traditional methods.

After 5 years of working in different advertising and marketing companies, Simon gained experience and helped a friend in marketing a funeral business. He gets clients for his friend and gets a percentage in revenue. Later, he decided to start his own business in 2012, aged 32, and that’s how Bastion Brands was born. He has grown the revenue from 20% to 60% and from just by himself to the current 40 FTEs for over 9 years. 

Simon says that what he loves the most in growing a small business is the teamwork and camaraderie his great team has possessed. He finds it fantastic how it evolves the business and says, “Having a great team who works together is just so amazing.” 

This Cast Covers:


  • An advertising and marketing agency focusing on health in the industry.
  • Working with pharmaceutical companies, consumer health, and medical device businesses.
  • They do the marketing as well as the medical education.
  • Had a big drop in revenue during the first few months of the pandemic but over time still was able to find more clients and never subside.
  • Grown revenue from 20% to 60% despite the hit of the pandemic.
  • Running the business for 9 years and growing the team from just himself to the current 40 FTEs.
  • How setting an environment that allows people to flourish is a factor for the small business to flourish as well.
  • The importance of discipline, to focus on activities that drive the success of the business.
  • How getting the right people provides efficiency in implementing the values of the business for its reputation to flourish.
  • How teamwork and camaraderie of a great team influence the growth of the small business.  



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“Set an environment which allows people to flourish.” —Simon Davies

“Focus on activities that drive the success of your business.” —Simon Davies

“If you get the right people, you’re more likely to have success.” —Simon Davies

“Have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for what you’re doing.” —Simon Davies

“Believe in yourself.” —Simon Davies


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