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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Sep 12, 2021

In this episode, I interview Annemarie Hayek, the Founder of Global Mosaic, a Chicago-based cultural consultancy that helps clients deeply understand the culture and organically grow corporate or brand initiatives that connect. Annemarie Hayek is a cultural consultant, generational expert, and social agitator who deeply understands society’s evolutions.

She used her passion for creativity and founded a cultural consultancy in 2002 at the age of 31. In her first project, she hit a $14,000 profit, and within three years in the business, she got over a million-dollar revenue and has been growing since then. Now the company is running for over 19 years and with a total of 10 FTEs. 

Annemarie is the author of the book “Generation We: The Power and Promise of Gen Z.” This book is all about generation Z, the roots of their power, and the impact that they'll have in taking a leadership role. Annemarie says, “What had mostly been written about them was fairly superficial and maybe we hear about their canceled culture, which is criticized. But there is a much deeper story about them.” 

This Cast Covers: 


  • Helping entities understand the culture, cultural movements, cultural trends and understand how people's lives are evolving.
  • Organically grow corporate by helping clients understand the cultural insights, movements, and tensions.
  • Generational expert, and social agitator who deeply understands society’s evolutions.
  • Describing Generation Z as the power generation coming on the scene now.
  • Emphasizing some misconceptions about generation Z.
  • Publishing a book that empowers generation Z emphasizing that this generation is far ahead and has so much power to make things move.
  • Hitting $14,000 of profit in her first project and over a million dollars of revenue within three years after starting the business.
  • Have been growing the business since then, and are now in their 19th year in the industry.
  • How passion and creativity are more important than skills.
  • The importance of every small business owner learning to remain true to their initial vision and intention.
  • The importance of every small business owner learning to chase every opportunity. 



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“It doesn’t matter how successful we are at work, we’re still like students who kept on learning.” —Annemarie Hayek

“Skill can be learned but the attitudinal disposition toward passion and creativity can’t be taught to anyone.” —Annemarie Hayek

“You need to think about where your passion is and engage with it.” —Annemarie Hayek

“Remain true to your initial vision and intention in whatever way that makes sense to you.” —Annemarie Hayek

“You are bigger than you think you are so don’t be afraid to be big in the world.” —Annemarie Hayek


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