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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Sep 28, 2023

In this week's Quick Fire Friday (QFF) episode, Michael interviews Doug Bouey, a writer, commentator, and coach with extensive experience fixing fractured relationships. Doug's insights are invaluable, and we'll share some key takeaways to help you navigate challenging situations in your business.

One of the most significant issues in business is the cost of avoiding conflict and difficult conversations. These conversations often relate to ruptured relationships that have not been resolved. This avoidance erodes morale and hinders collaboration, particularly in small businesses where close collaboration is essential. Doug's eight-step process offers a structured way to tackle difficult conversations. It involves separating and discussing facts, emotions, and context, avoiding confusion, and ensuring both parties stay engaged. This method enables people to address and resolve issues confidently, knowing they can achieve a positive outcome.

Business relationships can fracture when one party makes decisions or takes actions without consulting the other party, leading to disagreements. The fear of these confrontations often drives avoidance. Instead of confronting the issue, people resort to counterproductive strategies that don't address the core problem. Trust is fundamental to functional teams and business relationships. Fractured relationships often result from a breach of trust. This process aims to rebuild trust by helping both parties understand each other's perspectives and emotions.

To start mending a fractured relationship, familiarize yourself with this approach. Read "Fixing Fractures" and download the preparation sheet from Doug's website ( The preparation sheet guides you through organizing your thoughts, ensuring you are well-prepared for the conversation.

Ready to dive deeper into this topic? Tune in to this week's podcast episode, and take the first step towards mending fractured relationships and creating a more harmonious work environment.

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Quotable quotes from our special Grow A Small Business podcast guest:

β€œThe starting point is to learn the process.” β€” Doug Bouey.

β€œYou can move from being helpless or just, into being in a power position, not to power over the person, but the power with the person to say, we can get through this, we can get along.” β€” Doug Bouey.

β€œWhen you get to the other side, all of a sudden, there's a much more robust relationship.” β€” Doug Bouey.