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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Jul 27, 2023

In this week's Quick Fire Friday (QFF) episode, Rob Cameron interviews Brian K Wright, an esteemed host of Success Profiles Radio and publisher of Ultimate Achievers Magazine. He’s based in Northwood, Iowa, United States. He also helps people write their books. Brian shared his journey from being a teacher to working in call centers before pursuing his passion full-time. He emphasizes the importance of effective communication through writing and speaking and believes anyone can improve these skills with practice.

Brian's main clientele consists of established entrepreneurs who want to amplify their message. He advises against merely writing a book about one's life and suggests focusing on how the book can benefit the reader. Instead of writing a car manual-type how-to book, Brian first asks important questions to his clients, which can make the content more relevant and engaging. By addressing specific issues, even a seemingly mundane topic, like gutter cleaning, can be transformed into an interesting and informative book.

One of Brian's key pieces of advice for small business owners is to create and repurpose content consistently. He recommends leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach a broader audience. By repurposing content from previous posts or leveraging ideas from a book, one can maintain a strong online presence and increase authority in the industry.

Ready to dive deeper into this topic? Tune in to this week's podcast episode, where we tackle the importance of business structures and the implications for tax.

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β€œWith a lot of practice, you can get good at whatever you want to get a lot of good at.” β€” Brian K Wright.


β€œHow can you move them from not knowing you at all very well to Yes, I trust you?.” β€” Brian K Wright.


β€œIt's about having a structure for your book and fitting the stories within that structure.” β€” Brian K Wright.


β€œDon't make the reader work that hard.” β€” Brian K Wright.


β€œA confused customer will never buy anything from you.” β€” Brian K Wright.