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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Nov 24, 2022

In this week’s Quick Fire Friday episode, Rob interviews Jason K Williamson. Jason’s an e-commerce expert, he has generated north of 130 million USD for brands all over the world. He’s based in Greater Adelaide Area, Australia. Jason believes that his job is to help collect more interested people.

Marketing will be collecting the leads, sales will be selling to them. It’s the yin and yang in e-commerce. Jason has developed principles and concepts that helped him to be the expert he is now. Such as the Trojan Horse Method, the Mafia Offer, and Recency and Frequency.

Through hard work and patience in collecting data, frequently sending appealing emails and offers, Jason has mastered taking somebody who doesn’t know who they are, then enticing them with the products and services that they offer. For he believes that his job is to help collect more interested people.

This Cast Covers:

  • Who is Jason K Williamson?
  • Marketing in Email, and SMS.
  • Jason’s history and success in email, and SMS marketing.
  • Different types of work Jason did outside of e-commerce.
  • Key questions in e-commerce.
  • Marketing will be collecting leads and sales is selling to them.
  • 3 principles Jason uses in e-commerce.
  • Concepts such as the Trojan Horse Method and the Mafia Offer.
  • Things business owners should take away from the podcast.


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“Marketing will be collecting the leads, and the sales will be like, selling to them.” — Jason K Williamson.

“My biggest goal is how can I take somebody who doesn't know who we are? Entice them with something.” — Jason K Williamson.

“Identify where exactly are you capturing leads.” — Jason K Williamson.

“Start collecting doesn't matter where you are or what you do, just start collecting more leads.” — Jason K Williamson.

“I always offer the best stuff up front..” — Jason K Williamson.



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