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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Sep 21, 2023

In this week's Quick Fire Friday (QFF) episode, Rob Cameron interviews Elliot Kallen, CEO of Prosperity Financial Group. He’s based in California, United States. Elliot, with nearly 30 years of financial expertise, shares insights that can help entrepreneurs like you navigate the journey of building wealth over the long term. Whether you're in the startup phase, experiencing growth, or planning your exit strategy, his advice can make a significant difference.

One key lesson Elliot imparts is the importance of seeking professional help early on. Many entrepreneurs, in their early stages, hesitate to trust experts or surround themselves with financial advisors, but this is often a crucial step toward long-term success. Elliot also highlights the need to strike a balance between business, family, and personal goals. Money should be a tool for achieving your vision and legacy, not the ultimate goal itself.

When it comes to exit strategies, Elliot suggests thinking about it seriously within two to five years of retirement or exit. It's not just about financial planning but also about creating a fulfilling post-entrepreneurial life.

Remember, the key takeaway from Elliot's wisdom is to create your vision, seek out experts, and surround yourself with smart people. If you're interested in exploring these ideas further, I recommend connecting with Elliot and having a Growth Chat to see how you can qualify for their next course. Your future success might just depend on it.

Ready to dive deeper into this topic? Tune in to this week's podcast episode, if you're ready to take your business and financial future seriously.

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“Our goal is to help business owners, which is 60% of our market, figure out how to make more money, pay less taxes, and sleep better at night.” — Elliot Kallen.

“The smartest move is to seek professional help early on.” — Elliot Kallen.

“Money is just a tool. It's got to be the tool to your success and the vessel, but not the answer.” — Elliot Kallen.

“Find out what the most successful people do in your business. And do that or even do it better.” — Elliot Kallen.

“Create your vision, seek it out, and surround yourself with smart people.” — Elliot Kallen.