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Grow A Small Business Podcast

May 23, 2024

In less than 20 minutes a week, we'll introduce you to an expert or business owner with deep experience in what they do. Grow you, grow your team, grow a small business.

In this episode of "Grow a Small Business," hosted by Michael Denehey, we welcome Evan Batten, Founder of Move You Media, to share his insights on empowering businesses with effective social media strategies. With over 30 years of media experience, Evan discusses how small businesses can create authentic video content to drive engagement and growth. Tune in to learn practical tips and the importance of storytelling in your business communication.

Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners:

Modular Approach to Social Media Content Creation:

Project V Framework: Evan Batten discusses how Project V offers a modular approach to creating social media content. This framework includes one-to-one coaching, 24-hour video on-demand content, and the Blueprint Builder strategy to help businesses understand why they are making videos, who the audience is, and where the videos will be shown.

Empowering All Staff to Create Content:

Inclusive Training: Project V's approach ensures that everyone in the organization, from the CEO to entry-level employees, can participate in content creation. This democratizes the process and leverages the unique perspectives of all staff members.

Overcoming Comfort Barriers: By involving even those least likely to be comfortable with technology or on-camera work, Project V helps build confidence and skills across the organization.

Enhancing Communications Efficiency:

Immediate Content Creation: Instead of waiting for scheduled shoots, staff can create and share content immediately. This is particularly useful for capturing spontaneous moments or addressing timely events.

Support for Comms Departments: Comms departments can benefit from the influx of content created by staff, enabling them to focus on editing and strategizing rather than content generation.

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Practical Tips for Creating Engaging Videos:

Getting Outside: Recording videos outdoors can significantly increase engagement and make content more dynamic.

Eye Contact with the Lens: Maintaining eye contact with the camera lens, rather than the screen, helps create a more authentic and engaging connection with the audience. Evan suggests marking the lens on your phone with a small sticker or liquid paper to easily find and focus on it.

Flexibility in Content Creation:

Reduced Pressure: Staff can record videos at their own pace and comfort, reducing the pressure and stress associated with scheduled video shoots.

Adaptability for Leaders: Leaders traveling or working under tight schedules can record videos when they feel most prepared and energetic, ensuring the best possible presentation.

Building Authentic Connections:

Universal Applicability: The methods taught in Project V are applicable across various sectors, from charities to finance, enabling all types of organizations to make authentic connections with their audience.

One action small business owners can take:

One action small business owners can take, as advised by Evan Batten, is to start creating authentic video content using their smartphones. By focusing on storytelling and capturing real moments, they can engage their audience and enhance their business's online presence.

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Quotable quotes from our special Grow A Small Business podcast guest:

Harness the power of storytelling to make authentic connections with your audience — Evan Batten

Consistency in video content can significantly boost your brand's visibility — Evan Batten

Empower your team to contribute to your social media presence with ease  — Evan Batten