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Grow A Small Business Podcast

May 30, 2024

In less than 20 minutes a week, we'll introduce you to an expert or business owner with deep experience in what they do. Grow you, grow your team, grow a small business.

In this episode of the Grow Small Business podcast, host Michael Denehey interviews Joey Coleman, Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony. Joey explores the critical first 100 days of the employee experience, detailing the eight key phases and offering actionable strategies for enhancing retention and engagement. He also introduces a thoughtful approach for expressing gratitude to current team members.

Additionally, Joey Coleman discusses his new book, "Never Lose an Employee Again: The Simple Path to Remarkable Retention," published on June 27, 2023, provides a thorough guide for businesses aiming to enhance employee retention and engagement. It presents a structured approach that covers the entire employee experience, from recruitment to long-term involvement. Coleman, an authority on employee experience, shares practical strategies for each stage of the employee journey, ensuring employees feel appreciated and connected from their first day.

Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners:

Focus on the First 100 Days: Pay close attention to the employee's experience in the first 100 days. This period is critical for setting the tone and ensuring long-term engagement.


The Eight Phases of Employee Experience: Break down the employee experience into eight phases: assess, accept, affirm, activate, acclimate, accomplish, adopt, and advocate. Each phase is crucial for different aspects of employee engagement and retention.


Assessment Phase: During the assessment phase, prospective employees are evaluating whether they want to join your team. Make sure your website and job listings showcase your company culture and values.

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Onboarding is Key: Spend more than just a few days on onboarding. Slow down the process and invest time in teaching new hires the ropes. This initial investment can lead to long-term engagement and productivity.


Invest in Training for Managers: Many managers are promoted for their technical skills, not their people management skills. Invest in training for managers, especially in remote management, to ensure they can effectively lead and retain team members.


Appreciate Your Team: Show appreciation to your current team members. Consider sending personalized video messages highlighting their contributions and value to the team. This simple gesture can have a significant impact on morale and retention.

One action small business owners can take:


One action small business owners can take, as suggested by Joey Coleman, is to send personalized video messages to their team members, highlighting their contributions and expressing appreciation for their work. This simple gesture can have a significant impact on employee morale and retention.


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Quotable quotes from our special Grow A Small Business podcast guest:

Slow down the onboarding process to grow the kind of employee you want – Joey Coleman

Effective managers are made through proper training, not just promotions – Joey Coleman

A simple gesture of appreciation can dramatically change how employees feel about their employer – Joey Coleman