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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Jul 30, 2023

Exciting opportunity for small to medium business owners employing 5-30 team members. Are you ready to learn, grow, and invest in your ongoing development? Don't miss out on our latest podcast featuring a special guest who shares invaluable insights for business success.

In this episode, Troy Trewin asked Julie Perkins, the founder of Wyseminds based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the final five questions:

  1. What does Julie believe is the hardest thing when growing a small business? Damian emphasizes keeping things relevant, and exciting, and keeping it curious and moving towards purpose is what makes running a business difficult. So he states the importance of having a strong network so you have to position yourself in this beautiful niche and be very clear about what you do and who you fit into and who you support.

  2. Julie’s favorite business book is "Digital Darwinism" by Tom Goodwin. And the thing she liked about it was it places digitalization in a specific way in a business. She also said that his writing could help you start to get it in perspective by getting you to question where, what for, and also about the history of innovation.

  3. When it comes to professional development, Julie finds immense value in making herself redundant on a continual basis. One of her favorite platforms is ‘Mind Valley’ which provides broad viewpoints going back to the accessibility of education.

  4. Juli suggests an effective tool for small business growth is learning the power of the network. This includes taking their network very seriously, investing in it, cherishing it, and celebrating it. And associating yourself with others in the industry, by making a particular niche out of yourself.

  5. Finally, if Julie could go back to day one of starting out, he would advise himself to be prepared and enjoy the ride. And that is going to be the most important thing that keeps her going day and night because it's going to be a very tough journey. Making sure to be super geared up for those good times and not good times to keep her eyes on the vision and the purpose. Keep her eyes on it and keep fitting well.

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“Keep great ideas alive in the community.” —Julie Perkins


“​​Put yourself back in and make yourself redundant because that space for a founder of a small business is priceless.” —Julie Perkins


“If you get a purpose and you live an embedded purpose, the financial success side also will sort itself out.” —Julie Perkins


“Protect others, protect yourself, and ensure that your value is not just for today.” —Julie Perkins


“Don't be afraid of niche. It's not small. It's nesting to Nesler to discover.” —Julie Perkins