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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Jul 25, 2023

Exciting opportunity for small to medium business owners employing 5-30 team members. Are you ready to learn, grow, and invest in your ongoing development? Don't miss out on our latest podcast featuring a special guest who shares invaluable insights for business success.

In this episode, Troy Trewin asked Michael Nuciforo, the founder of Thriday based in Melbourne, Australia, the final five questions:

1. What does Michael believe is the hardest thing when growing a small business? Michael feels that overcoming your fears can be quite tricky, particularly if one is building a business while being a perfectionist. To stay focused, he emphasised the significance of understanding how to cope with obstacles and the be a constant positive force for the team.

2. Michael’s favourite business book is “The Great CEO Within” by Matt Mochary as it hits all the key points regarding running a company of any size. For individuals who aren't avid readers or podcast listeners, he also suggests watching YouTube videos on the subjects they are interested in.

3. Michael believes that having optionality can de-risk the business and ensure good progress. This involves avoiding doing everything yourself and utilising collaborations, as some excellent companies could complement what you are providing your clients.

4. Michael suggests an effective tool for small business growth is mastering ChatGPT and AI. In terms of describing how they launch their products, those tools, in Michael's opinion, made their lives a lot easier. And with the aid of artificial intelligence, time consuming processes like blog writing or creating email copy has significantly been reduced. 

5. Finally, if Michael could go back to day one of starting, he would advise himself to not feel sorry for himself when things go wrong. If you always look at things as a learning experience, you can examine what you could have done differently the next time.

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“Don’t go too fast too quickly and make sure that everything you do is working.” —Michael Nuciforo

“Even if bad situations come up, if you actually try to twist it to focus on the positive, you will learn from it.” —Michael Nuciforo 

“Leaving a legacy of building business that employs people, treats them well, and that they can actually grow in the company is highly motivating” —Michael Nuciforo  

“Don't limit yourself to your strength or an area that you feel comfortable with, really explore what's out there.” —Michael Nuciforo

“If you are a good communicator and can inspire people, you can probably cover a lot of cracks.” —Michael Nuciforo