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Grow A Small Business Podcast

May 29, 2022

In this episode, I interview Laurie Barkman, CEO and Founder of SmallDotBig, based in Pittsburgh, United States. Laurie set up her own business to help business owners maximize enterprise value, create succession plans, and identify M&A strategies.

From being a key leader of a startup and adjunct professor, Laurie decided to help entrepreneurs grow by providing strategic planning to be firm. SmallDotBig was established in 2011 and has been running for over 11 years with over 5 FTEs.


Laurie has said that growing a business requires preparing and planning for the future and making it transferable.

This Cast Covers:

  • Focusing on creating value and transitioning with success.
  • Providing Exit Planning and advisory work
  • Helping entrepreneurs on how to create a scalable business that can be transferred.
  • Observing differences across different industries.
  • Helping entrepreneurs maximize enterprise value, create succession plans, and identify M&A strategies.
  • Teaching entrepreneurs about making their business firm by managing the cash flow.
  • Making valuations on business and representing companies for sale.
  • Working for startups and big companies.
  • Learning how to handle difficulties as a CEO.
  • Learn how to build relationships and the right partnerships for the growth of the business.

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“The reality is that 100% of us are going to leave our company one day, and we have to acknowledge and plan for it..” —Laurie Barkman

“A non-transferable business is a worthless business.” —Laurie Barkman

“If you put good in the world, good will come back to you.” —Laurie Barkman

“Be mindful that you don’t have all the answers.” —Laurie Barkman

“The clearer you are with yourself, the clearer you’ll be with the business around you.” —Laurie Barkman



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