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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Feb 27, 2022

In this episode, I interview Ben Bressington, the CEO of Behavior Sales, a Behavioral Intelligence company based in Florida, USA. Behavior Sales helps salespersons how they can connect with people faster and effectively close sales better through personality intelligence. The company has a product that identifies people’s personalities based on the words they use.

In 2021, Behavior Sales was launched by Ben Bressington, aged 38. He applied his Criminology, Law & Gamification training to hacking human communication to improve sales. This is a unique approach to improve sales and marketing and with that, Ben found growth in just a year, now making more than 100,000 conversations a day and from 1.5 to 7 FTEs.

Ben says that what he loves the most in growing a small business is the challenge it brings, making each day different. He’s loving more the routine of getting the work done and that working with them makes him realize that they are growing now and then.

This Cast Covers:

  • Helping people predict personality and use personality intelligence to improve sales conversion.
  • Focusing on helping salespeople to improve their sales conversions and shorten their sales cycle.
  • Offering a product that effectively converts an email address into a personality type.
  • The product identifies somebody's personality and closes them based on the process and the model they are offering.
  • Offering sales insights through live calls, transcriptions, and providing real-time feedback of what’s going on in that sales conversation.
  • Discovering how a person can connect with people faster and effectively close sales better.
  • How to persuade prospects and stimulate their unconscious mind.
  • Applying what he learned from doing criminology human profiling into sales and marketing.

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“To understand your communication style, try putting yourself in the prospects and change some minor things in the way that you communicate.” —Ben Bressington

“Show interest in people’s needs so you have influence over them and if you don't have influence, it's nearly impossible to make sales.” —Ben Bressington

“Take time to exercise physically because how you treat yourself physically will determine how you get through the day.” —Ben Bressington

“Find out what rewards your people, you'll be amazed how small tokens lift one’s spirits.” —Ben Bressington

“Learning the success of others can be fascinating but learning the mistakes, failures, and lessons of others could be something more valuable.” —Ben Bressington



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