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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Nov 7, 2021

In this episode, I interview Peter Mumford, the Founder and CEO at Stone Real Estate based in Sydney, Australia. Stone Real Estate’s revolutionary business model is a franchise network structure that operates as a group of cohesive agencies with a unified team and common objectives. The company aims to centralize its focus to its clients to serve them efficiently.

With over thirty years in business, Peter started the company model in 2015 and then progressed on to a franchise network business. In their first year, they got $5 million gross commission sales through 3 officers and are now on track to over $110 million at the end of this year 2021. Grew team from 4 to 14 FTEs and up to 50 franchisees in 6 years with its franchise network employees now over 550 across the franchise offices, and on track to hit 75 offices by December  2022 with expected openings in New Zealand mid next year.

Peter is an inspiring entrepreneur who has created, built, operated and sold multiple award-winning businesses, and according to him that business is not one person, it is everyone that you're working with. He simply added, “The most important asset in your brand is the people you work with.” 

This Cast Covers:

  • Started the company model and then progressed on to a franchise business in real estate.
  • Supplying branding, marketing training support for a franchise network, and helping with building offices.
  • Started with seven company officers, funded agencies, and helped them become partners by making them profitable and successful.
  • Offering more business training and support than just sales training.
  • An entrepreneur for over thirty years who have created, built, operated, and sold multiple businesses and is now an entrepreneur leading the real estate revolution.
  • The importance of investing in education about marketing for the growth of the business and the individuals working for it.
  • Doing things smarter and more efficiently and entirely driven by clients’ needs.
  • Started from 3 to 30 FTEs for over six years and up to 50 franchisees.
  • Recruiting the right people into the right roles.
  • Building service around their clients and ensuring that they are the focus of the business.

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“Success would be about being happy and doing what you like in life.” —Peter Mumford

“Spend a lot on digital marketing and find some great people to guide you.” —Peter Mumford

“It's about telling the brand stories, no matter what you're in.” —Peter Mumford

“The most important asset in your brand is the people you work with.” —Peter Mumford

“With all those failures, there's hope for anyone else out there and there's probably gonna be a lot more successful.” —Peter Mumford


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