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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Jul 28, 2021

In this episode, I interview Andrew Jones, the owner, and operator of Invercarron Wines, a young Tasmanian vineyard producing premium wines. The Jones family have maintained their farming origins and after constantly looking to diversify and grow the farm- Invercarron Wines was born.

 Andrew and his wife owned and operated one of the state’s most successful travel agencies for 30 years. After such time, they sold the agency leaving a $5 million revenue and a total of 35 FTE. Jones’ family now turned their attention to wine, sheep and a luxury farm stay in a sixth-generation farming property in southern Tasmania.

Even though Andrew has been doing something different from his former business, he has been enjoying the new environment and he’s been farming his whole life now. For him, success is not all about the financial reward but about how you succeeded in keeping the business for a long period.

This Cast Covers:  

  • Spent almost 30 years in the travel industry and shifted to operating a farm with the family.
  • How the family maintained their farming origin, successfully farming the region until its sixth generation.
  • How constantly looking to diversify and grow the farm made them come up with a unique project for the business.
  • Grown the former travel agency with a $5 million revenue and a total of 35 FTE.
  • How a habit of creating a great culture and environment made the staff and clients happy.
  • The importance of respecting the people and the business to grow them successfully.
  • How social media skyrocketed sales and improved marketing strategy.
  • With a fascinating product produced from a young vineyard to unique flavored wines. 

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Success is being respected by your peers and respected as a business.” – Andrew Jones 

“Social media does change and so does marketing.” – Andrew Jones

“As the business grew, the staff members grew as well.” – Andrew Jones

“No matter how good you are, how good your culture is, and how many people you employ, there will always be someone who will disappoint.” – Andrew Jones

“It wasn't the financial reward that made your business grow but the fact that you succeeded over a long period.” – Andrew Jones


Music from “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC by