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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

In this episode, I interview Alan Miltz, the Co-founder and Director of Cash Flow Story, a technology company based in Melbourne, Australia. CFS helps business owners, managers, and financial coaches understand what the numbers mean in the simplest way possible to improve their profit, cash flow, and value. 

The company is based on the successful financial storytelling techniques developed over the last 25 years by the founders. Techniques are currently used by 40,000 people in 96 countries worldwide including banks, firms, and thousands of businesses.

Alan says that one lesson he learned in the industry is that cash flow excellence will never be achieved without people’s excellence. He said that everyone in the team needs to know and understand the number because they are accountable for the growth and profit of the company.

This Cast Covers:

  • Enables businesses to improve their profit, cash flow, and value.
  •  Enables businesses to view the financial impact of decisions in advance.
  • Imparts financial stories to non-financial people.
  • Eliminates complexities in understanding the numbers for business owners, managers, and advisors.
  • How understanding the numbers improves decision-making in operating the business.
  •  Achieves cash flow excellence through people’s excellence.
  • Creates a global standard by which business leaders and advisors review financial performance.
  •  Delivers unique insights to improve business’ financial performance.
  • Successful financial storytelling techniques were developed by the founders and have been used for over 25 years.
  • How knowing the numbers is essential for figuring out the cash flow and where to improve. 

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Everyone in your management team needs to embrace the numbers and know what they can do to make better decisions.” – Alan Miltz

“First thing I've realized is to surround myself with people who have different skills to me.” – Alan Miltz

“Two heads are better than one.” – Alan Miltz

“Routine sets you free.” – Alan Miltz

“You will never achieve cash flow excellence without people excellence.” – Alan Miltz


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