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Grow A Small Business Podcast

Nov 29, 2020

In this episode, I interview Emily Gowor, an inspirational writer, author, and speaker. Aged 19 in 2007, Emily launched her writing business, traveling around the world in her early 20s, writing an award-winning blog, staying with friends, and living on $22,000 a year in earnings. In her mid-20s, she settled back in Australia and doubled her revenue three years in a row to hit over $100,000 per annum, peaking at $249,000 when she was aged 27. At only 23, she was asked to write her first book and is now a writer, author, speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant. 

Emily’s writings, projects, and speaking presentations have touched and moved thousands globally as she inspires people to reach for more. Her purpose-finding tool, the Inspiration Formula, is licensed to consultants around the world who are dedicated to showing clients a lasting glimpse of their destiny on Earth. As a winner of the 2012 and 2014 Anthill 30under30 Young Entrepreneur Award, Emily has been featured in a range of media sharing her inspirational messages.

70 to 80% of her sales are from training courses and coaching, and the rest are from speaking, and the eleven books she has published. She has launched over 25 online courses on writing and publishing books and building a business from zero to $100,000 a year as a coach. She has clients all over the world and has grown from one full-time employee to two (Spread across several contractors). Emily felt she had succeeded when a couple of moments she realized she didn’t work for anyone. 

She highlights that the hardest thing about growing a small business is making sure the business is taking you in the direction of your purpose and your legacy. The one thing she says she would tell herself on day one of starting out in business is, “Don’t you dare give up. Great things are coming” Please help me welcome, the very inspirational, Emily Gowor.

This Cast Covers:

  • Discovering that she wanted to do what she loved as a business.
  • Getting the opportunity to edit a book for Dr. John DeMartini.
  • Coaching people to have a life that they want and grow a six-figure career around their calling and their purpose.
  • How her training in NLP at a young age shaped her writing and speaking career.
  • Doubling her revenues three years in a row to get to a six-figure mark which she has sustained every year since.
  • Her experience with publishing, promoting, and selling books.
  • Starting out as one full-time employee and growing her team to include five to six different contractors.
  • Doing different inspirational speaking engagements to empower people.
  • Offering a diverse range of online training programs to serve clients worldwide.
  • Succeeding at changing lives, loving it, and celebrating the various wins.
  • How being in business empowers people to be the best versions of themselves.
  • Identifying your target customers and basing your marketing on resonating with them.
  • Starting solo and funding her business with hustle.
  • Getting poor accounting advice, paying herself poorly, experiencing burnout, and how she dealt with it all by learning how to manage her money better.
  • Working on herself and how it helped her take her business to where it is today.
  • The importance of being authentic and the power of time blocking.
  • The ease with which her team members understand her mission and vision.
  • Maintaining work-life balance while making sure that the business you’re growing is actually taking you in the direction of your purpose and legacy. 

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